Slurp Away!
Nectar Straw
Fresh clean hit. Each and every time.


Dab-Tech products are made of premium quality, food grade materials. The Borosilicate glass guarantees durability. The coils, constructed of food-grade ceramic and nickel plated, and the surgical-grade titanium nails ensure a clean, generous hit. Every single time.

Battery + Coil

Studies have shown that using a battery is a cleaner, and more efficient way to smoke. The use of the ceramic coil with battery allows for a discrete and controlled vaping experience.

When choosing Dab-Tech devices with a battery option (Nectar Straw, Siphon Straw and Spiral Straw), one chooses to control not only the temperature but the amount of each hit.

Flame + Nail

When choosing to use the titanium nail, you are choosing a clean, and easy way of smoking. Just heat the nail with a torch for about 10 seconds and place the heated tip in the concentrates or essential oils.

Using this method you can consume your concentrates off of the provided dab mat, glass container or silicone container. Controlling the vapor intake is done through the placing the nail over the desired amount of essential oils or concentrates.

Packaging Engineering

Dab-Tech products come in custom designed padded boxes, safe for traveling and storage and  include the necessary accessories for each device. 

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